Four generations making ceramics


Cerámicas Sevilla has its own name, Juana Moreno, a woman in love with the ancient ceramics of Seville. It is a passion that she transmits from the moment you start a conversation with her and realize that talking about ceramics is learning to value the immense cultural, devotional and artistic heritage that it represents; She shared this passion with her husband, Julio Fuentes, and has also passed it on to her son Ángel and to the fourth generation: the grandchildren Ángel Jr and Juanita.

Juana was associated with tiles almost from the cradle. Born in Seville in 1937, she inherited her passion from her father, Deogracias Moreno Bartolomé, who was very fond of old painting and was linked to antiquities and even met the illustrious ceramophile, archaeologist and historian José Gestoso y Pérez. The first tile he had was given to him by his father at the age of nine and it came from a collection of Señor Gestoso.

Another decisive factor was her father's friendship with Don Manuel González Martí, founder and director of the Museo Dos Aguas in Valencia, who taught Juana how to build an extensive collection from demolished buildings, antique dealers, excavations, etc.

Currently, the family collection has more than four thousand pieces from between the 15th and 20th centuries, despite having suffered some important thefts.

During those years in which so many unique houses in Seville were demolished, hardly anyone valued the ceramics that covered their skirting boards, patios, stairs, and living rooms. Thanks to people like Grandma Juana, who realized the historical-artistic heritage value that these ceramics represented for Seville, some pieces were saved that otherwise would have ended up in the rubble. Unfortunately, many of them ended up this way.

She personally disassembled, carefully cleaned, restored and classified those pieces that most interested her with the help of her son, Ángel Fuentes Moreno.

Since I was a child I remember my mother with a tile in her hand talking to me about them and awakening in me a special interest, almost magical for a child of that age. This site is a tribute to all of them, with my love and appreciation; to my maternal grandfather, Deográcias and my parents, Juana and Julio.

They both managed to teach me the value of what others saw as just a useless piece of brick.

Below is first an image of Juan Fuentes and then an image of Julio Fuentes.

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